I want to thank you for helping me process my order to a happy conclusion. Today I received the two pair of slippers and I am thrilled. Even my husband admits to being pleased, upon putting the slippers on. 11 years ago, we purchased our first pairs (at Pike Place Market in Seattle), and of course, they are past history, though they wore for a very long time. It took me this long to replace them, and I am sorry I let finding a store hinder my purchase. I should have turned to the internet long ago. Thank you for making this a relatively painless process. I will let friends know of your website. We live on the road, traveling fulltime (in the comfort of a 40' motorhome with 2 slides) and publish a newpaper for people who like to travel and enjoy our country. It is a lively publication with a readership of over 15,000. It's a wonderful life and I love the travel, but my feet get cold. I love the plush comfort of TeePee Creepers in the evening. Thanks again for your help.

Terry Russell from Gypsy Journal - www.gypsyjournal.net