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Our sheepskin moccasin slippers are the softest slippers that will every meet your feet!

Made in USA since 1973

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Handcrafted in the USA from the softest sheepskins available, our moccasin-style slippers have been treading across your kitchen floors since 1973. 

Snug in the winter and delightfully cool in the summer, we design our cozy sheepskin slippers to hug your foot while also giving your toes room to stretch. Our simple design combines both irreplaceable comfort and timeless old-world craftsmanship. Many of our customers rave that our Teepee Creepers are (feet down) a worthwhile "Treat for your Feet".

Every Slipper is Unique

Our sheepskin slippers are not made from the same synthetic plastic material you see everywhere. They are not cut or sewn by machine automation nor assembled in sweatshops overseas. 

Each pair is hand cut and sewn in the United States by craftspeople who mix talent with love and pride. You can sleep easy knowing every pair directly supports US manufacturing and US families.
teepee creepers family of slippers in soft sheepskin
Welcome to the Teepee Creeper Family of Sheepskin Slippers!
Some things have changes since 1973, but we still craft our teepee creepers with the same comfort and quality as we did 50 years ago.

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Gone Grizzly

Slipper Boot

Height: 4 inches
Sole Material Available:
With Sole & Without Sole
Leather Lace Wraps Around Ankle

Height: 5 inches
Sole Material Available:
With Sole & Without Sole
Leather Lace Wraps Around Ankle, providing a snug fit all the way up.

Height: 6 inches
Sole Material Available:
With Sole
Leather Lace Wraps Above Ankle.
(Sheepskin Material hangs more loose around ankle.)

I am very impressed

For me nothing comes close to Teepee Creepers. They are the best I have found both for warmth and comfort while letting your feet breath.


We live on the road

It's a wonderful life and I love to travel, but my feet get cold. I love the plush comfort of TeePee Creepers in the evening. Thanks again for your help.

Terry Russell

from Gypsy Journal

The Original Teepee Creepers

Since 1973

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