Asked Questions

Can I wash my sheepskin slippers?

No. Putting your Teepee Creepers in washing machine will destroy your Teepee Creepers.

How can I take care of my Teepee Creeper Slippers?

The natural lanolin (oil) in sheepskin must be removed during the tanning process, then replaced with 120% of these oil at the end.

For this reason, sheepskin should NEVER BE MACHINE WASHED.

However, you can take care of them by brushing them lightly with a suede brush. You can also dry rub them with a wool cleaner as needed, though please check for discoloration first.

My foot is a Half Size. What size should I order?

Say your foot is a size 7 1/2, so you're wondering if you should order for a size 7 (which fits a 200) or a size 8 (which fits a 300).

Generally, if you're foot falls in between sizes, your foot will fit in both sizes, so it's more of a matter of how snug do you want the slipper on your toes. Our slippers run a little looser on your foot than normal shoes, so if you generally enjoy a snugger fit, then order the smaller size. If you know you have a wide foot however, you might enjoy the larger size.

Is there a difference between the Men's and the Women's Slipper?

There is no difference between our men and women slippers. In general, men look for Men's slippers and women look for Women's slippers, so we have a page for both now.

Should I wear socks with my slippers?

NO! Absolutely no socks allowed.

The sheepskin depends on the natural oils from your skin to keep itself soft and spectacular. Sheepskin slippers worn with socks will wear out quicker.

Common Questions

Account Questions

Order Status Questions

1. Confirmation Emails

I never received my Confirmation Email for my Order.
The confirmation email we send contains an attachment (your invoice) and links to your invoice. Because of this, sometimes email service providers automatically put our confirmation email in your spam box or your promotions category.

Please check through all of your email's various filter folders and categories. If you still can't find a confirmation of your order, please contact us so we can assist you. Even if our responding email gets filtered into your spam box, we know you're trying to get a hold of us, therefore will ensure we get a hold of you.

2. Other Common Questions About Our Products

My Slipper feels too Loose.
We try to accommodate all sorts of ankle sizes, so the lace bow on your Teepee Creeper actually loops around your heal. If your slippers feel too loose, try untying the lace bow on the slipper and tugging on the lace (while it's on your foot). This will pull the slipper in closer to your heal and create a more snug fit. Once you reach the desired fit, please be sure to retie the bow in a square knot so that it doesn't come untied.

If this doesn't work you may have the wrong size,  so please contact us.
Do you have a physical store?
Currently, we do not have a physical store, however we do plan to offer our product again in more retail locations across the country.
Where are my slippers sewn?
Your Teepee Creepers are cut and sewn under the best working conditions the United States has to offer in California. Every pair of Teepee Creepers purchased supports US industry and provides US jobs, from the fingers to who sewed the fur to the person who delivered our package to your door.
Where do your sheep come from?
Our sheep enjoy the grassy ranges of the United States, mostly beneath the Rocky Mountains or among the fields of (truly) Northern California. They are never raised just for sheepskin, but for the wool they produce and the meat they provide. You can read more about their lives in our About Us page.

3. Order Questions

How do I track my order?
Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your order on our website or on the carrier's website.
When can I expect my order?
We usually take 2 -3 business days cutting and sewing your order before it ships out. Sometimes during our busy winter season, this takes longer, however we will post a message on our product pages if this is the case.

Also, please be aware that during December packages sometimes take longer to deliver due to the high volume they're dealing with.
Can I cancel or modify my order?
We try to process orders as quickly as possible, but if you need to modify or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

4. Returns and Exchanges

What is your return or exchange policy?
We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we accept returns and exchanges on all items within 30 days of the purchase date as long as your item is in the same condition you recieved it in.

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless you contact us first. Sometimes the return address is different than the address we shipped it from.

To start a return or exchange, please visit our Returns Page and follow the instructions.

Account registration, sign in, password & linked accounts

Resetting Your Password
If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot password?" link on the Sign In screen. Enter your email address, and we will send you a link to reset your password.
Changing Your Login Email Address or Password
You can change your account email address and password on the Account Information page. All your email subscriptions and order confirmations will be sent to your new email address.

Order status & history

Tracking an Order
We send a tracking number with the shipping confirmation email.

You can also track the status of your order online. Click on Track Order at the top of the page to see your Recent Orders. Click on the order number for the shipment that you would like to track, and a detailed order information page will be displayed. A tracking number is located to the right of the ship-to address and under the shipping method. Click on this number to view detailed tracking information. You can review the tracking history and the estimated date of delivery.

Order Statuses:

Order Submitted - "Placed" Once you have placed your order and your credit card has been authorized, your order status will appear as "Placed."
Order Processing - "In Progress"
Once you have placed your order, it will be cut and sewn by our artisans and then packaged for shipment. During this time, your order status will appear as "In Progress." Please allow 2-3 business days for the order to be processed and prepared for shipment.
Order Delivery - "Shipped"
Once we have assigned a tracking number to your order, and it has left our warehouse, the order status will appear as "Shipped."
Order Delivery - "Partially Shipped"
If your order will arrive in multiple shipments, once one of those shipments has left our warehouse, the order status will appear as "Partially Shipped."
Order Returned - "Returned"
It takes up to 2 weeks to process a return and credit your credit card account. Once your order has been returned and processed, the order status will show "Returned." We will notify you via email once your return has been processed.