Teepee Creepers Legacy Continues

In 1973 Ben Langworthy invented the Teepee Creeper sheepskin moccasin. Utilizing the highest quality sheepskin and handcrafted Made In The USA pride, Teepee Creeper's became the casual comfort footwear for thousands of loyal customers. Ben and his wife Sandy have put decades of their lives and spent thousands of hours ensuring that every pair shipped with the highest quality sheepskin and a healthy dose of love and gratitude for the customers that kept their business thriving.

Their loyal customers and this one of a kind business meant so much to them that they continued to run the business well past retirement in the hopes that one day they would find the right people to take it over. Still sewing and delivering Teepee Creepers well into their 80's, Ben made a chance phone call to a long time friend and marketing consultant.

Turns out their friends Shelly and Jonty McCollyer didn't just have extensive experience managing customer relationships and online sales, they also know their way around handcrafted goods and share a commitment to producing products to be proud of. They were married at a Renaissance fair in a dress Shelly had sewn herself. They are homeschooling two burgeoning artisans in the rural and craft oriented town of Felton, CA. They also happen to be looking to apply their skills in a new direction.

The opportunity we have together ceased is not just to give Ben's sewing fingers some well deserved rest and Sandy a break from managing orders, but to transfer a business where the meaning is worth more than the money to a couple who see its full worth. As the slipper is past to the next generation, Ben and Sandy will continue in an advisory role, while Shelly and Jonty will now be fulfilling your orders and fielding your requests.

The Original Teepee Creeper Store by Aspen Company, Inc. is appropriately named since the founder Ben Langworthy designed and built the first pair of Teepee Creepers over 35 years ago. Since then many have copied the style of the slipmoc however none have captured the comfort of Teepee Creepers. That’s why Ben says today what he said over 35 years ago ”Teepee Creepers are a treat for your feet”.

Ben still insists that his beloved Teepee Creepers be made in the USA out of the best sheepskin he can buy. Each skin is then carefully hand cut and trimmed by craftsmen who know quality is the trademark of Teepee Creepers. On to the sewer they go where years of experience goes into every stitch. No fancy high tech machinery can replace old world craftsmanship when it comes to making “a treat for your feet”.

We welcome you to try for yourself a pair of Teepee Creepers by going to our product page where there is a convenient shopping cart waiting for you. Maybe when you get yours, like Ben you will say,

"Teepee Creepers are a TREAT for your FEET ".