How can I take care of my Teepee Creeper Slippers?

The natural lanolin (oil) in sheepskin must be removed during the tanning process, then replaced with 120% of these oil at the end.

For this reason, sheepskin should NEVER BE MACHINE WASHED.

However, you can take care of them by using a light brushing with a suede brush. You can also dry rub them with a wool cleaner as needed.

Can I wash my Teepee Creepers?

No. Putting your Teepee Creepers in washing machine will destroy your Teepee Creepers. Please refer to the question above on how to take care of them.

Where do your sheep come from?

Our sheep graze on the grassy ranges of Colorado.

Where are my slippers sewn?

Your Teepee Creepers are cut and sewn under the best working conditions the United States has to offer in California. Every pair of Teepee Creepers purchased supports US industry and provides US jobs, from those who raised the sheep to the fingers to who sewed the fur to the person who delivered our package to your door.

I never received my Confirmation Order.

The confirmation email we send contains an attachment (your invoice). Because of this, sometimes email service providers automatically put our confirmation email in your spam box or your promotions category. Please check through all of your email's various filter folders and categories. If you still can't find a confirmation of your order, please use our contact form so we can assist you. Even if our responding email gets filtered into your spam box, we know you're trying to contact us and therefore will ensure we get a hold of you.