Gift Tag SampleTeepee Creepers make excellent gifts for all occasions.

These are some of the cute messages to loved ones added to our gift tags.

For Hoss - to keep your toesies warm.

Stephanie from Dacono, Georgia

We hope you LOVE your new slippers Daddy. Thanks for being the BEST DAD EVER!

Wendy from Meridian, Idaho

I hope these keep your "cute" feet warm. Love, Grandma Ginny.

Virginia from Seeley Lake, Montana

Happy Hanukkah to the love of my life. Here's to our first Hanukkah and many more to come.

Jennifer from Evanston, Illinois

From our Teepee Creepers to yours - enjoy!

Kristin from Kirkland, Missouri

You can't beat them to keep your feet toasty warm.

Daniel from Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Dear Husband: I know what a joy you feel when you come in the house and slip on your Teepee Creepers. So this year I got you a pair with soles so that you won't have to change out of them at all. You can put them on in the morning and wear them all day. Enjoy! Your loving wife.

Ruby from Lodi, Ohio

With my Mother's loving heart, I heat your feet.

Samantha from Burlington, Kentucky

My dearest David - Merry Christmas you little Teepee Creeper. I'm so glad I found something you use and love so much. It makes my heart happy just as having you for a son does. Love you so, Mom

Ruby from Lodi, Ohio

Mom: I hope your feet can stay super warm and happy in these.

Meghan from Centreville, Maryland

Maren: Love, love, love these slippers. Hope you will love, love, love them as well.

Rose and Charlie from Millville, Utah

Brittany: Now that you have the family slipper, you are one of us. Love.

Tim & Renee from Springfield, Illinois

We are sending you a gift of comfort this year - enjoy!

Suzanne & Michael from Flagstaff, Arizona

May these Teepee Creepers walk with you wherever your future path takes you!

Renee from Traverse City, Michigan