Retail Stores Carrying Teepee Creeper Products

Teepee Creepers are coming back into retail stores!

Below is a list of retail stores carrying Teepee Creepers Slipper products:

D&B Supply Company
Available this Fall 2023 in stores throughout their Idaho and Oregon Locations

The Fish Hook
Leland, Michigan

Ebler's Leather
Columbia, California
(*This is a Western Ghost Town, a fun place to visit.)

If you purchase Teepee Creepers from any other store or website not listed here, then you are purchasing a fraudulent knockoff which is not produced by us here in the United States.


On Amazon

We also sell on Amazon. Because Amazon takes a significant cut from all purchases made there, we encourage you to buy directly from here on this website.

On Amazon, we will never offer our slippers at a lower price than the one here on this website. If you do see a lower price, please let us know because that is not our product.


Other Online Stores

Some unscrupulous online sellers have been using our product name and photos to make our customers think they are buying Teepee Creepers, when in fact we have no relationship with the sellers. Who knows what cheap knock off they are actually selling. It's a bit sad that this happens, but it happens quite a lot. If you come across a product listing for Teepee Creepers that you think is suspicious, please let us know.



We offer sales only through our website and no other online platform (not even on Amazon). Coupon codes are mailed directly to your physical mailbox or emailed to those signed up for our online newsletter. If you'd like to be included in these sales, please sign up for our newsletter.


Are you a physical store interested in selling our products?

We are excited to announce that we are expanding out into retail stores again. Though currently our 2023 season will be limited to a few stores due to sheepskin availability, we are currently building a list of stores for the 2024 season. Contact us at if you are interested in purchasing Teepee Creepers or other products for your retail store.